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What Exactly IS Property investing & How to Get Started

What Exactly IS Property investing & How to Get Started

There are so many exciting opportunities in the property world. We firmly believe this is the perfect time to invest in the property market. With so many exciting opportunities in the market – it’s no wonder the whole industry is blowing up! Previously, property investing has been a massive industry, with cash-rich business owners using their profits to invest in single-lets, giving them more cash flow to secure their business and personal life with assets which will lead them into the future…

Except this is now just one of MANY strategies you can use to get started!

There are now multiple strategies, and within those strategies are creative techniques that YOU can use in order to purchase your very own property with LESS than £1000 for solicitor fees. That’s correct – you can literally own a property, rent it out and benefit from the cash flow for next to NO MONEY DOWN whatsoever. You might ask – how is this possible? It’s very simple; you can use the strategies explained within this blog post to get started into property investing straight away. You might be in your early 20’s, a teenager or even a veteran to property but you can STILL use these same exact methods in order to create yourself a fortune.

There are so many opportunities – it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re first starting out. That’s why we recommend you pick ONE thing which sounds most appealing to you in your own personal situation and STICK with it. It’s very easy to get shiny object syndrome within this industry and everyone is at a different stage in their own journey. Keep that in mind as we guide you through the various methods which are most common in the property world.

Let’s talk about the different actions you can take when it comes to property investing. Here’s a list of the 3 most common strategies within the UK;

  • Standard Buy-to-Lets (Single-lets)
  • HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupancy)
  • Property Flips

Let’s look at the difference between them all.

  1. Buy-to-Lets are the least risky and require the least amount of time to manage. Therefore, they are favored by people who operate successful businesses and want to dump their money into property investing, for that low cash flow and capital appreciation.
  2. HMO’s (House of Multiple Occupancy) – The classic strategy for the property investor. This is a technique where you take a suitable house and SPLIT UP THE ROOMS – making each one independently lettable. This technique is favored by the professional property investor who wants to make some excellent cash flow and incredible capital appreciation when bought correctly, in the right location.
  3. Property Flips – An excellent way to make thousands of pounds in a relatively short space of time. A key performance indicator is; you should be making at least £20,000 from 1 deal on a residential home. Think if you have multiple of these deals going on at once, you’re in for some serious money!

These deals are typically purchased ‘Below market value’. The reason for this is, as professional property investors – we like to maximise how much our money can work. We can constantly recycle our cash and pull out most (or all) of our money using the refinancing technique

Now let’s go even deeper

There are now many methods of purchasing these kinds of deals which require little-to-no money in order to get started.

The 2 main options you see today in the marketplace are as follows;

  • Lease Option Agreements
  • Rent to Rents

Both these strategies allow you to ‘rent’ the property, but at the same time being legally allowed to re-rent to multiple tenants at the same time; effectively getting you to benefit from the cash flow. This is extremely popular for those property investors who want to have little cash getting started, but can still benefit from the mass of cash flow each property can produce. But this begs the question;

Who in the right mind would give you one of these deals?

Two words. Tired Landlords.

You may not know it yet, but there are tonnes of accidental landlords in the property industry who are sick of having their homes empty and paying mortgages every month, as well as landlords who are about to get hit with the section 24 tax changes here in the united kingdom; making it impossible for them to benefit from property cash flow through no fault of their own. All of these people are stress, tired & want out of their properties – or at least have some guaranteed rent coming in every single month so they’re not losing anything.

This is where YOU come in.

You can effectively take the stress of these landlords and offer them guaranteed rent every month. Then we, as professional property investors can come into the building, spruce it up and bit and re-rent it out every single month. If you have done the correct due diligence and you know the rooms will rent out easily, then go for it!

With so many ways to get started in the property market, it’s no wonder the industry is booming at the moment. Despite the ‘traditional’ barriers such as Brexit & new regulations, property is now bigger than ever and it’s time for YOU to benefit.

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