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Got questions? It’s only natural. Check out some of our most common curiosities we get.

This is one the most common questions we get here at Element Sourcing. Strategies that professional property investors use, such as buying a distressed property, refurbishing it, and then refinancing to pull out most (or all) of your money is very common and is well-practiced. This is how someone can buy several properties in a short space of time.

We find high-returning property investments. We make the offers, get them accepted and package up the deals, ready to sell onto keen investors. Basically, we do the most time consuming part – finding and securing deals. Unlike other Property sourcing agents, we will work with you hand-in-hand and offer additional services which make your investing journey as simple as possible.

We also offer a special niche service – where you can simply put your cash into our special high-yielding properties and get a flat return of 10% on your money every single year. Recession & Brexit proof. This is ideal for people who just want to simply re-invest their company profits or money sat in the bank into excellent assets.

The short answer is yes! We will require to see proof of funds & you will need to step through various compliancy forms – but after that, you can own properties which will give you excellent returns with capital appreciation.

You can receive a 100% refund within the 14-day cooling off period. During this time, you will naturally do all the necessary due-diligence and can ask us anything you’d like. The structure of each deal will differ in accordance to the buying structure, however this will be mentioned with our communication to you.

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