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Our mission is to create hassle-free investing for professionals who are looking for excellent cash-flowing property opportunities. We specialise in multiple strategies, and will listen to your custom needs as we seek to deliver 100% satisfaction every time.


Qualified Areas

Once you’ve found your area, we will deliver the best investments.


Satisfied Costumers

Our T&Cs are designed to protect you, the customer.

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It is our responsibility to take your investment decision seriously. Hence why we ask for upfront signatures to share our investment opportunities.

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We arrange terms and provide you with all the details to carry out your own due diligence. We’re almost there!

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The Property is All Yours!

Congratulations! You now have an investment property which will bring you in guaranteed returns on your money every single year. You rock! 

Investment properties are for sale right now to our list only!

We send out weekly deals which get snapped up fast. Be the first to take action. 

Why Choose Us

Easy, no-nonsense property sourcing. Perfect for national and oversees investors. 
We bring the very best deals tailored to you.

Effective Team Work

We have systems in place which make the buying process simple and straightforward. We calculate  your potential cash flow for every deal.

Tonnes of Property Experience

We know there are many creative strategies to be taken advantage of in the world of property investing. We make it simple to get started.

Invest From Anywhere

We welcome oversees investors, such as finance from China and other countries who want to take advantage of the booming UK property market.

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What We Do.

See our most popular options, available every single week exclusively to our investors list.


The most common strategy used by professional property investors in the UK today. Recycle your cash everytime.

Hands-Off Investments

We give you a guaranteed flat 10% rate for custom investing. Ideal for oversees investors looking at the property market.

Rent to Rent

High-yielding deals which are great for cash flow. Ideal if you’re getting started into property investing and want less money in.

Lease Options

Like a Rent-to-Rent, but you have the option to buy the property after a certain amount of time. High returns & more rare in the marketplace.

Fully Compliant Property Sourcing Firm

We think it’s important to have our regulations in check, making sure your investments 
are protected by the very best in protection with the following registered bodies.

Information Commissioner's Office

ICO Data Protection

Whatever data you share with us, we will not share, spread or sell to anyone else in regulation with ICO and GDPR practices.

HMRC Anti Money Laundering

HMRC AML Regulated

AML Regulations are required by law when making any type of property transaction. You will be required to provide proof of funds with any deal.

The property ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman

This protects both us and you. Any comments can be forwarded a higher body. The Property Ombudsman is 1 of 3 official UK redress schemes.


What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve helped out many property investors realise their biggest dreams – 1 step at a time. 100% satisfaction or your money back.

"I chose Element Sourcing as my go-to sourcing agent for my property aspirations. They sorted me out with a quality Buy-Refurb-Refinance project which is now making me a healthy return as a HMO. Thanks!"
Testimonial picture 1
Jon Bakken
Professional Banker
"As a newbie in property, I wanted to build up cash flow for my property business. I chose to go with Element Sourcing after finding out they had some cracking Serviced accommodation deals up for grabs. We're in profit and I'm loving it!"
Testimonial picture 4
Andrea Velle
Hairdresser & Investor
"I would highly recommend Element Sourcing for anyone looking for quality deals! They provided me an easy, fit for purpose lease option agreement which now cash flows a healthy profit & provides a stable income."
Testimonial picture 3
Elle Aasen
Self-Employed Builder
"I'm an investor from China who wanted to invest my money into the UK property space. Element Sourcing figured out the necessary compliance I needed and I now have 10 houses in my name - thank you!"
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Isa Holmgren

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